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Honesty. Decency. Integrity.

Standing Up to Corruption. Fighting for All of South Jersey. Working on Bi-Partisan Solutions. Building a Big Tent Republican Movement for Voters Disenfranchised by Partisan Party Politics.

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are looking for a middle class candidate that can represent middle class voters with practical, commonsense solutions.

People are tired of wealthy, out-of-touch politicians, from both parties, who pander for votes with pie-in-the-sky promises that only lead to higher taxes and increased government control over our daily lives.

Join with me.

Together, we can transform South Jersey politics and restore a sense of patriotism and democracy to our community. Better jobs, lower taxes, higher quality health care, a cleaner environment, safer communities and schools, and the constitutional rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness can be the new status quo.

Help me make this South Jersey dream a reality.


My Contract with You, the Voter

#1 - I will work with Democrats, Independents and Republicans on issues that matter to our district.

#2 - I will vote my beliefs and in-line with the will of our district, not the will of the party.

#3 - I will restore honesty, decency and civility in Washington - acting in a way our district can be proud of.

#4 - I will be public and transparent about every vote I cast - including disclosing any conflicts of interest that may exist.

#5 - I will live in our district, not just maintain a mailing address, and will host monthly town hall meetings to make sure your voice is heard.

#6 - If you elect me, I promise to serve no more than three terms (six years) in this seat. I believe in term limits. We don't need more career politicians.


Recent Campaign Updates


Join Our Team. The Time is Now.

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