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Meet Josh Duvall

A Middle Class Candidate Representing Middle Class Voters

Josh was born and raised in the Midwest by two hard-working middle class parents. His father, Dana, was a Navy man. His mother, Tami, a nurse. From an early age Josh was taught the value of hard work and sacrifice.

Dana was one of ten children; he was raised by a single mother when his father passed away when Dana was four. Dana was well acquainted with the term “dirt poor;” as he had close family who lived in a home with literal dirt floors. Josh grew up hearing the stories of family struggles and how hard work pulled them out of poverty. His mom, Tami, a preacher's daughter, also came from a family of seven hard-working men and women. Even after Josh’s parents divorced, he and his sister Erica were the beneficiaries of their outstanding work ethic, receiving a better start in life than the one their mom and dad inherited. Having two employed parents who were engaged in their children’s lives was a gift for which Josh is forever grateful.


As soon as Josh was old enough, he was expected to find a job, and he did so at the age of 12. Hard work, honesty, and appreciation for everything in life was instilled in him at a very young age. 

Along with working, Josh was also a multi-sport athlete, playing football, wrestling, and competing in track and field throughout high school. His hard work and talent earned him a partial football scholarship to Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. The remainder of his college tuition was paid for by student loans he believes were too easy to obtain. While he is grateful for the opportunity to earn a college degree, he knew even then that the process and cost of college has to change to be sustainable. Burdening young students with massive loans for a degree that might not land them a quality job is not the way to build a strong, working middle class.


While living in Des Moines, Josh encountered numerous opportunities in his career and personal life. Josh became involved with a fantastic church organization that provided endless volunteering, community service and international mission trips. Having traveled multiple times to Europe on these mission trips, Josh was able to develop an enriched appreciation for people of different backgrounds, cultures, and communities.

Des Moines is also one of the most important cities in presidential politics. As the state’s capital, it is the first in the nation for the caucuses, and many presidential candidates set up headquarters there. This gave Josh valuable experience in politics as he volunteered with several presidential campaigns. 


After graduating, Josh settled into a career in marketing and finance. He quickly rose through the ranks of multiple insurance and financial companies. First in Des Moines, then upstate New York, and finally South Jersey. He eventually started his own private financial planning and accounting firm - along with helping local organizations with web development and marketing.

As a small business owner himself, Josh understands the cost of high business taxes and the hassle of burdensome regulations first hand. He knows the key to a strong economy is an environment where small businesses can thrive, not be choked out by overbearing government.


His connection to New Jersey came from his wife, Lisa, a New Jersey native whom he met while she was working as a television reporter in Des Moines. Born and raised in New Jersey, Lisa is equal parts loving, loyal and lively. A reporter for much of her career, Lisa has spent time working for local newspapers and television stations, Fox News and ABC among them.


In 2017, Josh received the devastating news that he had cancer. He was diagnosed on his 30th birthday. With a two year old daughter and a son on the way, Josh began the long battle to beat Lymphoma.

The first bill he received for his initial chemotherapy infusion was $17,000. He would undergo seven more infusions, totaling more than $130,000 in chemotherapy bills alone, not including the additional costs of drugs, doctor visits and PET/CT scans. Reforming health care is not a theoretical discussion for Josh. He has lived it, and he is passionate about lowering costs and increasing care for everyone.


Now as a resident of South Jersey for last five years, Josh immediately recognized the way local politics affects quality of life. New Jerseyans are proud, hard-working, and successful, but they are being stymied by a government that has grown too large and too powerful. New Jersey suffers from the highest property taxes in the nation, crony capitalist business practices, and a focus on government intervention instead of self-determination. Josh believes New Jersey can learn a lot from the successes of its neighbors.

In a nation as prosperous and safe as America, Josh strives for the day where the only obstacle keeping people back from achieving their dreams is themselves.

Josh is embarking on this campaign journey because he, like many voters in South Jersey, has grown tired of talking about change. He is ready to move from talking to action. He wants to be the change South Jersey needs to move this state, and this country, in a new and better direction. For everyone.


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Cherry Hill, NJ, USA