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The Norcross Machine


Norcross & the EDA Tax Break Corruption

This graphic, produced by WNYC & ProPublica, details the nearly $1.1 Billion in tax breaks and credits that went directly to Norcross family firms, clients, and political allies. Donald Norcross spearheaded this deal by helping pass the EOA of 2013 as a New Jersey State Senator. (Click graphic to enlarge.)


Recent Articles on the Norcross Machine

Donald Norcross Holds the Seat. George Norcross Holds the Power. See What the Press Has to Say on the Norcross Political Machine.


December 22, 2019

Inside Camden’s aquarium, in September 2015, a packed crowd gathered for the unveiling of a new development plan: renderings of office buildings, shops, and apartments that would rise up along the city’s sparse Delaware River shoreline.

norcross waterfront.PNG
norcross valuable land.PNG

December 9, 2019

For decades, Camden’s waterfront sat vacant, a sea of parking lots with sweeping views of the Philadelphia skyline. Two private developers tried and failed to revitalize the area. But in 2013, George E. Norcross III, New Jersey’s most powerful political boss, helped to usher in lucrative tax breaks for Camden, making waterfront land more attractive in the state’s poorest city.

November 18, 2019

TRENTON — South Jersey Democratic power broker George E. Norcross III shot back against claims that he manipulated New Jersey’s controversial tax incentive program for his benefit at a state Senate hearing Monday, during which his most prominent critic was dragged out of the room by state troopers.

norcross muscled propublica.PNG

October 3, 2019

For decades, Camden, New Jersey, has exemplified urban decay. A steady exodus of residents and jobs turned the once-thriving industrial port into the state’s poorest city. The waterfront was mostly parking lots and vacant land. More than half the city’s budget was funded through state aid.

How One Address Led to a $100 Million Tax Credit Scheme

September 24, 2019

PEARL RIVER, N.Y. — In the summer of 2015, Jaguar Land Rover North America told state officials in New Jersey that it was considering moving to an office development in New York called Blue Hill Plaza.

nytime tax credit scheme.PNG
27 jobs.PNG

N.J. tax-break projects hired just 27 Camden residents for construction jobs, a state analysis found

September 12, 2019

Did Camden residents benefit from New Jersey’s big tax breaks for businesses?

It’s a question that community organizers and political activists have been asking for months — and one that the state’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) has taken up, as well.

Norcross-tied dark money group closed in February

August 22, 2019

The General Growth Fund, a 501 (c)4 non-profit with ties to Democratic powerbroker George Norcross was dissolved earlier this year, the New Jersey Globe has learned.

A certificate of dissolution was filed with the District of Columbia, effective February 2, 2019.

norcross dark money.PNG
camden food.PNG

How tax incentive law may have killed a much-needed supermarket in Camden

August 7, 2019

CAMDEN — The announcement in March 2013 was significant enough to draw a who’s who of Camden leaders, all of whom hailed the pledge to build a 75,000-square-foot ShopRite — the first new full-service grocery store the city had seen in three decades — as proof a renaissance was on the way.

Camden advocates want state to rescind city school contracts awarded to firms with ties to George Norcross III and other leading Democrats

August 5, 2019

Camden activists have asked the state Department of Education to rescind more than $1 million in contracts awarded by the state-controlled city school district to politically connected firms, including some with close ties to South Jersey power broker George E. Norcross III.

norcross school contracts.PNG
camden whyy.PNG

Camden rising? As deficit grows, new businesses won’t pay full property taxes for 20 years

July 29, 2019

Rev. Levi Combs III bristles when elected officials assert “Camden is Rising,” especially when they’re defending the use of lucrative tax breaks to lure corporations to the city.
“Nothing could be further from the truth,” Combs said at a recent gathering of local activists. “Camden is not rising. The budget deficit is rising.”

July 17, 2019

Boosters continue to insist that their strenuously upbeat ‘Camden Rising’ narrative is alive and well — even amid the troubling questions about the $1.6 billion in state tax breaks that were supposed to uplift the city of 75,000 after decades of disinvestment and decline.

camden deficits.PNG

Meet the Congressman Defending Questionable Tax Breaks for a Company Connected to His Rich Brother

July 2, 2019

After multiple issues have surfaced with Holtec International’s New Jersey tax break application, Rep. Donald Norcross, its biggest congressional supporter (and the brother of a Holtec board member) is playing defense.

New Camden tower is a monument to New Jersey corruption. Unfortunately, we have to look at it. | Inga Saffron

June 27, 2019

It’s hard to look at the stubby, black-and-white tower that has recently defaced the Camden waterfront and not consider its origins. The new home for a trio of companies associated with longtime South Jersey political boss George Norcross, it was built with $245 million in tax breaks that were obtained in a manner that a state task force has deemed highly improper. A grand jury is looking into the process.

njtoday fraud.PNG

New Jersey corporate welfare has fraud & mismanagement

June 23, 2019

A hospital connected to New Jersey political boss George E. Norcross III lied to win state tax breaks, a new special task force report says. The report details several other new pieces of evidence of Norcross’ influence over the tax incentive program.

Taxpayers deserve a refund in Camden tax credit outrage | Editorial

June 21, 2019

In breathtaking, often infuriating detail, New Jersey’s probe has laid out how a rather modest state tax break program ballooned into an extraordinary source of public largesse. The 79-page report brings to light how incentives ostensibly aimed at job creation in Camden and other struggling communities were manipulated to benefit politically connected companies and institutions.

tax credit refund.PNG
eda report.PNG

EDA task force issues scathing report with heavy focus on Norcross-linked firms

June 17, 2019

TRENTON — A task force investigating New Jersey’s corporate subsidy programs released a scathing report Monday evening that said some $500 million in tax credits had been improperly awarded and that “special interests” had effectively seized control of the operation.

June 6, 2019

South Jersey Democratic power broker George E. Norcross III asked a judge on Thursday to halt a public hearing on an investigation into New Jersey’s tax-incentive programs, saying his reputation could be “wrongfully damaged.”

norcross restraining order.PNG
holtec freeze.PNG

June 4, 2019

New Jersey state officials have placed a hold on a $260 million tax break for Holtec International, a nuclear company that built its new headquarters on the Camden waterfront, while investigators examine details of its application, according to two state officials with knowledge of the investigation.

Grand jury subpoenas info on tax breaks given to companies tied to power broker George Norcross, report says

June 3, 2019

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority was ordered to turn over information to a state grand jury related to several companies with ties to South Jersey Democratic Democratic power broker George Norcross that were given millions in tax incentives, according to report by Politico New jersey.

norcross grand jury.PNG
politico donald change tune.PNG

Donald Norcross de-emphasizes his role in the Economic Opportunity Act

May 31, 2019

As the controversy over the tax credit program continues to grows, let’s look at the way U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross (D-2nd Dist.) has changed how he talks about his role in crafting the enabling legislation that created it.

May 30, 2019

New Jersey companies that were given tax breaks, along with top executives and attorneys linked to those companies, provided $1.7 million to a powerful super PAC tied to one of the state's most influential political power brokers.

north jersey tax break.PNG
patch norcross trouble.PNG

Troubles Surrounding NJ's 'Most Powerful Unelected' Man?

May 22, 2019

Various reports point to potential troubles surrounding the man who some believe has controlled NJ for decades. And he's fighting back.

Emails Show How Much Pull Political Bosses Had Over State Tax Breaks

May 21, 2019

State officials scrambled to meet the demands of a lawyer at the firm where Philip Norcross, the brother of New Jersey political boss George E. Norcross III, is managing partner.

Emails Tax Breaks.PNG
Norcross Cooper Stink.PNG

Norcross subsidy for Cooper Hospital has a bad stink on it | Moran

May 19, 2019

George Norcross, the silver-haired political boss of South Jersey, prefers to operate behind the scenes, using his power through surrogates in the Legislature, a faction that is the largest and most powerful by far.

May 10, 2019

The Norcross firm’s office tower has been built essentially for free — thanks to a 10-year, $245 million tax break for mostly moving its 900 jobs from suburbs just a few miles away — yet it probably won’t win any architectural awards, not with so much of its lower girth consumed by a massive and arguably unsightly six-level parking garage.

philly norcross may 10 19.PNG

Task force scrutinizes tax incentives in Camden — and Norcross

May 2, 2019

NEWARK — The task force investigating New Jersey’s tax incentive programs presented evidence Thursday that cast doubt on whether three companies and a nonprofit that were awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to relocate jobs to Camden really considered sending those jobs out-of-state, as they indicated in official documents.

May 1, 2019

How a lawyer with deep connections to Democratic politicians in New Jersey helped to dole out hundreds of millions of dollars in state tax credits.

NYTimes Final.PNG

May 1, 2019

Here's George Norcross. Two thirds of the tax breaks in Camden were awarded to his company, business partners and clients of his brother's law firm. That's more than a billion dollars.

April 10, 2019

If the mighty Democratic Party organization in Camden County were a garden, it would be a lushly financed, meticulously managed, carefully curated landscape — an impressive sight, at least from afar.

Philly Final.PNG
BurlCoTimes Final.PNG

March 9, 2019

The unfolding fiasco in Camden, where the state has given away hundreds of millions to corporations with no oversight and no discernible benefit to citizens, is just the latest example of the disease plaguing our political system.

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