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Bold Solutions to Complex Problems

Crossing Party Lines to Deliver Results for All of South Jersey


  • Corporate lobbyists should not write our laws. I'll work to establish a federal ban on legislation crafted or written by lobbyists.

  • Corporations should not determine the flow of tax dollars. I'll work to investigate the $1.1 Billion of tax breaks reportedly handed out by the EOA/EDA to Norcross businesses and political friends.

  • As a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional, I'm bound by a fiduciary obligation which legally requires me to place client interests ahead of my own. Politicians should be bound by the same legal standard. I'll work to establish a political fiduciary obligation.


  • South Jersey is in desperate need of rebuilding. I'll work to pass a bi-partisan infrastructure bill to fix our decrepit roads, bridges and schools.

  • Our communities are in disrepair. I'll work to restore the family structure that helps young children prosper and creates financial opportunity for families across South Jersey.

  • Abortion is not a standalone issue. I'll work to provide education, contraceptives and family planning services to pregnant women seeking them, along with removing burdensome regulations on the adoption process.

  • The school to "system" (criminal justice) pipeline must stop. I will work to reform our criminal justice system so young, first-time nonviolent offenders can get back into the workforce again.

  • Faith communities are an important part of our country's history and future. I'll work to make it easier for essential ministries/services to help the citizens of South Jersey - and to protect religious liberty in America.


  • I'm a cancer survivor. That means I have a preexisting condition. I will work to establish state-based high risk funding to provide insurance to those with conditions like cancer.

  • Health care should be transparent and competitively priced. I'll work to bring competition into the health care industry so products and services will increase in quality while decreasing in price, just like other industries.

  • Health insurance shouldn't be tied to your employer. I'll work to decouple the employer/health insurance relationship and provide an open market for individuals to purchase insurance policies they want and need, just like other insurance plans you have.


  • Small business is the backbone of the American economy. I'll work to remove burdensome regulations on businesses so they can focus on offering great products and services to their customers.

  • Middle class tax payers should not be the scapegoat for big business tax breaks. I'll work to simplify the corporate and individual tax laws so everyone pays their fair share of taxes. One flat rate for all tax payers. No carve-outs. No deductions. No special provisions.

  • Young people should be working at an early age. Work provides income, responsibility, and opportunities for advancement. I'll work to promote youth employment and job training to help prepare the future of the American workforce.

  • Government subsidies have unintended consequences which disrupt our economy and create an uneven playing field. I'll work to remove subsidies and incentivize competition across all industries.


  • Your zip code should not determine the quality of your education. I'll work to create state-based education funding centered on student needs, not property values.

  • The real world is leaving our education system behind. I'll work to get students out of their desks and into environments where they can work on projects that teach job skills, not prepare them for standardized tests.

  • Schools should be safe. We protect other important people and locations - why not our students? I'll work to help schools establish safety practices that repel and defend against school shootings.

  • College debt should not be a lifelong concern. I'll work to re-imagine skilled trade schools, technical schools and liberal arts education so students have reasonable loans for degrees that are job ready.


  • Migrants and border towns should not be political poker chips. I'll work to establish smart and compassionate border policy to effectively manage those seeking entry into the US.

  • Child-trafficking is wrong. I'll work to stop the incentives that keep these coyotes working.

  • A physical border is necessary to stem the flow of illegal immigration, but this must be combined with a policy of compassion and care for families and children caught at the border.

  • I'll work to reform our immigration laws and asylum processes to make entry or deportation more streamlined.

  • I'll work to end family separation at the border, and create short-term holding facilities that are safe and clean.

  • Criminal illegal aliens must be deported. I'll work to stop cash remittances and enhance employer regulations to help find and remove these dangerous individuals from our streets.

  • A pathway to residency should be possible. Both parties can come together to find a way for law-abiding illegal aliens who are making positive contributions to our society to stay here indefinitely as legal residents.


  • There is a growing "safety gap" in America. I'll work to ensure all residents feel safe in their communities.

  • Every citizen has a right to self-defense. Those that need to exercise this right, should not be prohibited by elitist politicians who are under armed guard.

  • Self-defense and firearm ownership should be a federal issue. I'll work to create an enhanced federal background check that looks for mental health, domestic violence, threatening behavior and criminal records for all gun purchases. This means closing any and all loopholes.

  • Gun purchasers who pass this enhanced backgroun check should have the right to protect themselves and their families from violent criminals.


  • America must be the leader in clean energy innovation. I'll work to reduce the regulatory burdens on innovative energy projects.

  • China and India are the premiere polluters. I'll work to hold them accountable and bring global manufacturing back to the US and in compliance with our stricter standards. 

  • If we are serious about decreasing pollution, then we must look at developing nuclear energy as a more efficient source of power. I'll work for safer, more efficient nuclear energy sources to power our future economy.


  • I believe every person, regardless of age, ability, race, gender, economic status, upbringing, ​faith, national origin or political ideology is made in the image of God, has intrinsic value, and is deserving of equality, respect and fair treatment.


  • Our volunteer military members have sacrificed everything to maintain our freedoms abroad. When they come home they should have priority access to job training, health care services, financial counseling and civilian integration courses.

  • Law enforcement plays a crucial role in the fabric of our society. We must work to protect law enforcement officers, provide them with the tools to be successful and give them opportunities to engage with the community in non-emergency settings.

  • Fire and EMS professionals help keep our communities safe. From funding and resources, to safety and community issues - I will always support our local firemen.


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